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With Madmagz, the Communication Department saves a lot of time as all cross-functional departments contribute to the creation of the magazine by integrating their content in the predefined zones.

Maxime Guignard, Internal Communications Manager


How to carry out internal communications projects when staff and budget are cut? Besides, how to create employee engagement? VINCI Construction Île-de-France Unit relied on Madmagz to tackle this issue. Thanks to its collaborative function, which enables anyone to integrate content in predefined zones, and other interactive functions (links, videos, podcasts, etc.), the company’s goal has been achieved: “Culture TP” is the group’s first 100% digital & interactive newsletter!

With Madmagz, our magazines can be read on all media and is compatible with all devices (web, mobile, PDF) which enables us to adapt to all our employees’ usages, whether they are based in our offices, stores or warehouses.

Aline Pihier, Internal Communications Manager


How to modernize an employee magazine? Celio trusted Madmagz to create an interactive, multimedia and multilingual magazine, distributed in the head office, as well as in all the shops and warehouses in France and abroad. Madmagz lived up to their expectations. Also, as readership statistics are provided, the content of the magazine can be adapted according to readers’ interest from one edition to the other.

Our client L’Oréal is highly satisfied : we have just published our 20th edition!

Joïakim Tuil, Senior consultant at Publicis


L’Oréal is the global leader in cosmetics. The firm has 200 communicators across the world. Monitoring digital trends is a major challenge for L’Oréal that asked its agency Publicis to come up with a solution.

Publicis contacted Madmagz to get a tailored template for L’Oréal’s monthly newsletter published on their intranet.

The newsletter - which contains links and videos - has been a real success since its creation two years ago.

It reached well beyond the planned audience, to the Europe division of the company!

Elodie Guiroux, Business Manager at Nike


Nike is the global sports apparel leader. Yet, its French unit does not have an internal communications department. Internal communication is therefore fragmented, sporadic, informal. This affected internal collaboration.

Business Manager Elodie Guiroux decided to create a digital magazine for her business unit and to send it to the other employees of the company.

The success was immediate and the magazine reached the European headquarters, gaining recognition and ecouragements. Other business units are even following suit.

The executive committee got really impressed and highly satisfied.

Cyrille Théveniaud, Communications Manager


Amadeus is the global leader in reservation management software. The executive comittee had just been equipped with iPads but the magazine was not compatible with this device.

Thus the communications departement contacted Madmagz to create a quarterly employee magazine working on tablets. Madmagz also had to meet strong privacy and safety requirements...

The executive comittee was also impressed by the quality and modernity of the multimedia and tactile magazine.

Our offers

We have two offers: Madmagz to create employee magazines or newsletters and Madnewz to edit an internal news site.


Madmagz is a website that enables you to create your internal magazine or newsletter in web, PDF or print format. For that, we proceed in two steps:

Based on your brief, we create a custom template

You then integrate your content online in your template, in a simple and autonomous way, on your own or with your colleagues, to create your magazine or newsletter.

Celio Vivendi BNP Paribas BPCE
BNP Paribas


Madnewz is an internal news website: you can create articles in a simple and collaborative way. For that, we proceed in two steps:

Based on your brief, we create a custom website design

You then easily and autonomously edit your website online, on your own or with your colleagues.


Editorial management

In addition to our software offer, our consultants can help you with your editorial projects.

Digital transition

Digital transition
(launch, modernisation...)

Editorial strategy

Editorial strategy
(editorial line, flat plan...)

Writing, proof-reading

Writing, proof-reading,
correction, translation...


Madmagz's advantages

  • Simplicity


    Because you’re free of all designing tasks, creating your content is as easy as writing an email!

  • Time and money saving

    Time and money saving

    As you reuse the same set of pages and do not have to deal with the content, You save 30% to 50% time and money.

  • Interactivity and multimedia

    Interactivity and multimedia

    Add links, videos, podcasts, presentations, etc.

  • Reading statistics

    Reading statistics

    Do your employees read your communications? How many of them? When? Where? You will now be aware of it.

  • Autonomy


    No more endless back and forth with your agency! No more software to install! You can create your content whenever, wherever, and with whom you want!

  • Collaboration


    Acting as an editor-in-chef, you invite your colleagues to contribute but you are the only one who has the control on the publication.

  • Privacy and security

    Privacy and security

    You decide whether your readers can share your content or not, whether Google can index it, etc.

  • Compatibility


    Your content is readable on all devices: computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.

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