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Key features

  • Templates for all uses

    Magazine, school newspaper, flyer, newsletter, catalogue, birthday, wedding: we have all the templates you need! And all of them have been created by professional graphic designers. If you need a custom template, please contact us.

  • Collaborative magazine creation

    Invite contributors: they will write their pages in the template you have chosen and send them to you. You will be able to edit them but only you will be entitled to publish your magazine. Your are the editor-in chief!

  • Interactivity

    Have fun now! Add a table of contents, links, videos, sound, etc. to you webmag! Your readers can also share their magazine on facebook or Twitter, or integrate it into their blog, etc.

  • Mobility

    Your web magazine is now perfectly readable on computers, tablets or smartphones.

  • Customization

    Replace our logo with yours and customize the address of your magazine to make it 100% yours.

  • Newsstand-quality print magazine

    Just place your order online and we will take care of the rest! You will quickly be delivered newsstand-quality, environmentally-friendly printed magazines.

Our special offers

  • Education offer

    Classroom mag, school mag, yearbook… Thousands of teachers and pupils already use Madmagz.

    Pupils Learn how to use a computer, how to create a media, team work, copyright issues attached to content, etc.

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  • Business offer

    Nike, L’Oréal, Amadeus, Leroy Merlin… have modernized their employee magazine with Madmagz: custom template, interactivity, videos, metrics, collaboration, mobile responsive design, etc.

    Results did not take long to come: engagement multiplied by three and costs got divided by two!

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    They love us!

    This is the first year my pupils write so much and do not complain when I ask them to improve and correct their texts. Parents are very proud to read their children’s production on a user-friendly digital format. They share the magazine with their grandparents.

    Baptiste Genestin Professeur, École Internationale de New York

    Everybody got amazed by the novelty. They were also impressed by its quality. Overall, it reached a much larger audience than initially planned, up to Europe’s headquarters!

    Elodie Guiroux Responsable commercial, Nike France
    • Washington Post
    • Techcrunch
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