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FAQ: Madmagz

Frequently asked questions

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What is Madmagz about ?

Madmagz is a website that enables you to create your own magazine in PDF, Web or printed format.

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Who is Madmagz for ?

Everyone is welcome to use Madmagz: companies, charities, schools, private users, etc.

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How much does Madmagz cost?

Take a look at our pricing page.

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Do I own the content of my magazine ?

Yes, in its entirety, and you bear full responsibility for its content.

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Do I need to be an expert to use Madmagz ?

Absolutely not. Your work will simply consist of giving a name to your magazine, insert your text, uploading your pictures – you only need basic editing skills. It couldn’t be easier to create your own magazine.

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How many pages can I fit in my magazine ?

From 4 to 200. For formatting reasons, the number of pages must be of a multiple of 4.

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What will be the paper size of my magazine ?

It's the A4 format (21 cm x 29.7 cm).

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Is the paper of the magazine of good quality ?

Yup. The quality of your printed magazine is comparable to the mags you find in your local news-agent. On a more technical level, this means:

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Is the paper of the magazine printed in an eco-friendly way ?

Yes. The printer we have selected is FSC and PEFC certified.

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Is there a minimum or maximum limit in the quantity of magazines that I can order ?

You can order from 1 to 300 copies of your magazine. For anything over this amount, contact us.

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What is the typical time of delivery of my mag ?

It takes around 5 business days to deliver your mags.

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What does the web format look like?

You can read it online, on your computer or your iPad, just like in this example.

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Can we read the web mag on tablet devices?

For now, they are optimized for the iPad. You can read the mag full screen, swipe pages right or left, etc. Here is how you can read it.

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What is the Premium version?

It is an enhanced version of your Web magazine. You will be able to:

  • add links, videos or sounds
  • customize the online viewer with your logo and a link
  • manage the confidentiality of your mag: prevent search engines from displaying it or removing the sharing options (Facebook, Twitter, email)
  • know how many views your mag has.

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How to benefit from the Premium version?

Create your mag normally, publish it and you'll be able to purchase the Premium version of your mag.

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What happens if I add videos but I don't purchase the Premium version?

Your readers will normally read your web mag but they won't see your videos.

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What videos can I use?

Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion videos.

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What is the price of the Premium Version?

€ 24.98 per magazine.

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How many videos can I insert into my magazine?

As many as you wish. Wherever you can add a pic in your magazine, you can also add a video.

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The PDF format

Take a look at this example. Please take note that this PDF is not printer optimised.

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Self-hosted web mag

You want to host your magazine? We provide you with the files to install on your server immediately after purchase. It costs € 95.30 per mag.

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How does it work?

You can sell your mag in web, PDF or print format. For the web format, your readers can browse the first and, to read the rest of your mag, they have to pay your price online. They can download your PDF after having purchased it online. Last, they can receive your mag in print format after also having purchased it online.

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At what price is my mag sold?

You set the price knowing that:

  • for the Web and the PDF format, we retain a 30% commission and your price should be at least € 1 tax excluded
  • for the printed format, we retain a 15% commission and the minimum price is variable (it depends of the format and the number of pages).

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How much do I earn from selling my mag?

You may want to try this simulator.

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When do I get paid?

There is one criterion to meet in order to be paid: having registered at least 100€ in net revenue. If met, you will be paid 30 days end of month.

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What happens if I sell nothing?

Nothing. We are getting paid only if you sell your mag.

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Am I obliged to sell my mag?

No. It is entirely up to you.

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What happens if my reader receives a damaged mag?

Provided that the facts are well established (photo), we print and ship the mag at our expense.

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